The courses are online twice per week for two hours each session. You are taught by a qualified teacher on an online portal with other students who are also completing the same qualification as you

The online classes are exactly like real classes, you have a teacher and other students in the room taking part in learning and activities to achieve your qualification. It is not like university where you are solely listening to lectures. Our classes are known for being some of the best engaging classes.

Yes, we use Ecordia as our platform as it is very user friendly.

All learners can access support 1:1 on top of their classes. This is discussed with you when you enroll.

The courses are funded via the advanced learner loan. Please remember this is not income based and is also only available in England.

Yes, you can pay in installments give us a call for more information

Yes, for most of the courses we need placement except Business Administration and customer services. We still do recommend that you acquire a placement if you can. The specific hours for each course are discussed during enrolment.

Yes of course you can. Call us on our office number or WhatsApp number and we are happy to help.