Our History

Elmhouse Training is a community based training provider. Our main ethos is to give people the knowledge, skills and confidence to access the career that they have always dreamed of.

Elmhouse Training was created by our Director Marcia Abrams who was a governor at a primary school for over 10 years. While being governor Marcia would speak to the children about what they wanted to be when they were older unfortunately they didn’t know.

This for Marcia was very disappointing as she knows that children need to have role models in order to aspire and achieve great outcomes. Marcia having over 20 years of childcare experience knew that if the children saw their parents learning, working and developing themselves that this would have an automatic impact on their wellbeing and future.

It was at this moment Elmhouse Training was created.  Elmhouse Training began delivering Childcare qualifications in Lambeth schools and upskilling teaching assistants who had been working for over 10 years but had not gained any qualifications, as well as introducing the career to many people who wanted to make an impact on children in a positive way.  Since 2012 we have qualified over 100 adults in Childcare, Teaching assistant as well as Functional Skills and Spectator safety qualifications. We believe in great service, honesty, integrity and quality training. We believe that we have done great work empowering women to gain skills and careers that were not open to them and have contributed to local communities by seeing potential in people and supporting them to reach it. We know that we are a great provide that provides more than qualifications we change lives!!