Mission and Vision

Elmhouse Training Mission Statement

It is or mission to ensure that that each person who completes a course with our company leaves with a new insight to learning, new skills and new knowledge that will allow them to step forward confidently into whatever journey they begin next. Developing partnerships and enabling each student to create their own success.

Elmhouse Training is an organisation that understands the importance of Training and Development. We know that when a person decides to begin a journey into education with our company it is our duty to ensure that all the skills required are met. We know that education is not just a theory it is about learning holistically. We pride ourselves on making sure that we give each student their own individual experience and give them the tools they need to grow, develop in all facets.

Our Strategic aims:

  • To give each student access to education in safe and secure enabling environment

  • Develop each person with the skills they need as an individual

  • Assist in the transition from education to work and or Higher Education

  • To develop strong community networks and partnerships to ensure the longevity of our company and opportunities available to our students

To constantly adapt our courses and course content to make sure our students get the best experience and content to create a successful future